02 The-High-Priestess

The High Priestess

Upright Meaning

  • The Perfect Woman (w/o kids)
  • Spiritual wisdom 
  • Mystery

Reversed Meaning

  • Lacking a heart connection
  • Surface knowledge
  • Not the Perfect Woman

I trust my intuition.

The High Priestess Overview

The High Priestess is a card that can represent the perfect woman (generally without children) or the attributes of this archetype. She also symbolizes spiritual knowledge or wisdom. She sits between the pillars of darkness and light, in perfect balance between the two. Behind her is a curtain that is the gateway to the universe or what some call the great mystery. In her hands she holds a scroll of the Tora which is the Divine Law and holds higher knowledge and teachings. If it is this knowledge you seek, you can find her and she will assist you one on one. She is not a teacher for the masses, but a conduit of those seeking individual truth.

On her head she wears a crown symbolizing the triple goddess (Maiden, Mother & Crone). The cross on her chest is representative of the feminine and masculine energies. And at her feet you can see she has a beautiful crescent moon which shows us her reign over pure intuition. This card is all about learning to tap into the energy of the Universe and your own divine intuition. 

Questions for You to Meditate On

Where can I learn to trust my intuition?

How can I let the Universe guide me?

What answers can I find within myself?