The Wheel-of-fortune

The Wheel of Fortune

Upright Meaning

  • Success
  • Good luck
  • Good Karma
  • Timing
  • Destiny

Reversed Meaning

  • Setbacks
  • Bad Karma
  • Trying Times
  • Lack of Knowledge

I give time, time.

The Wheel of Fortune Overview

The Wheel of Fortune is a card of good karma, success and destiny. Within this card we have many symbolic images. In the corners around the card you will find an angel in the top left for the sign of Aquarius, an eagle for the sign of Scorpio, a lion for Leo and a bull for the sign of Taurus. Each sign represents one of the cardinal elements of air, water, fire and earth respectively. In addition, each holds and studies a book in their hands, which is said to be the Torah containing infinite universal wisdom.  Presiding over the top of the Wheel of Fortune is a regal sphinx who embodies the spirit of life’s many riddles. The symbols within the wheel are indicative of alchemy elements which make up the physical world around us. This card lets us know that everything will unfold with perfect timing, but we must wait patiently for things to arrive. 

Questions for You to Meditate On

Is the timing right for what I want to do?

What knowledge do I still need to acquire?

How can I bring more success into my life?

Am I creating good karma with my life choices?