The World of Retrogrades: Our Planets in Motion


Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto

We have a lot of cosmic shifts happening right now and everyone is definitely feeling it. Currently we have 6 planets in retrograde motion, which for many feels extremely discombobulating. Now before you freak out and start lighting candles or looking for a bunker to hide in until the smoke clears, remember that retrogrades don’t have to be a bad thing.

They actually occur to assist us with our personal growth, pushing us to be the best version of ourselves.  So how does this actually work though? Each planet has its own governing energy. And when a planet retrogrades, this energy will reveal things we haven’t been paying attention to and changes that need to be made.  This is usually what makes these transits so bumpy. It can be difficult to see the truth of a situation that you weren’t expecting or prepared for. And knowing that you need to make some changes to get yourself heading in a better direction can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Let’s talk transit!

Each planet has its own unique set of things to each us. And because there are a lot of details to each transit, I decided to break them down for you here in a way that is short, simple and easy to understand. If you feel like any one planet is causing you a particular amount of turbulence, I would encourage you to do more research on that one and see if there are more specific details that will help you on your path.

Mercury (July 26 – August  19) Leo

This is the planet of communication and travel. It provides a slowdown period for you to assess where you’ve been and where you would like to go. It’s the perfect time to tie up any loose ends. Not a good time for starting anything new. For more information on how to handle Mercury Retrogrades, check out Mercury Retrograde Astrology.

Mars (June 27- August 27) Aquarius & Capricorn

Mars is known as the God of War. During this transit expect to deal with emotions of anger, aggression, hostility and warrior like energy. Strong desire and passion are the main focuses of this retrograde.

Saturn (April 18 – September 6) Capricorn

This Rx is all about reviewing your limitations and boundaries. Examine, improve and restructure.  It will also shows you the necessity of having a strong and well-functioning foundation in order to move forward. Expect to be pushed beyond your limits and be shown what us truly possible.

Uranus (August 7 – January 7) Aries

This planet will help you to re-evaluate your values and priorities. Examine why you ae doing what you are doing and if this is the right thing for you. A time for change and revelations. Things can feel very unpredictable and you may be forced outside of your comfort zone. While this may not feel great, it provides the benefit of being able to view and think about things from a unique and fresh perspective.

Neptune ( June 19 – November 25) Pisces

Any delusions or false ideas you may have will likely get striped away when Neptune retrogrades. This planetary shift is the wake up call to the reality of your life. It will shine light into the darkest corners, allowing you to see things as they truly are. Not how you have previously conceived them to be.

Pluto (April 22 – October 1) Capricorn

Prepare to deal with challenges inside yourself. This planet is about doing some serious internal work.  You will be face to face with your shadow-self and dealing with the issues that arise there. Some consider this transit a death/rebirth or a dark night of the soul. A great time to get rid of excess emotional baggage that no longer serves.

PS – I know at the date of publication we have a few more days to go until Uranus hits retrograde. But I included it in the bunch so you will be prepared to take full advantage of what it has to offer when it gets here.

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