The Year of the Five: Freedom, Opportunity & Change

year of the five

Welcome to 2021!

2021 is here and we’ll be moving in the energy of the “Five” all year long. Numerologically speaking, each year brings us a different energy to work with. Knowing more about the vibrations around us allows for more positive self-growth and fewer setbacks. When we look at the coming year, we are heading into a five cycle which focuses on the energies of Freedom, Opportunity and Growth. But while all of these are positive energies, each one also comes with its own specific challenges for you to overcome.

Here’s what you can expect: 

The number five  vibes couldn’t be coming at a better time for us. Especially after the events that unfolded last year. In order to work with 2021 instead of pushing against it, it’s important to learn how to connect to the energy of five in your space.


In order to truly move freely this year, you will have to redefine your idea of what that actually means. Freedom doesn’t have rules or regulations and we’ve had more than enough of that imposed on us lately. Start removing any mental limitations you have created that deal with you feeling tied down or pressed into place. Allow yourself to move in whatever direction feels necessary, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

This year is all about freedom of movement and expansion. With that said, you can also expect to have some new adventures or travel plans develop as you flow through the five energy of this year. When you let yourself be limitless is when you finally realize your true potential.


This year will come with plenty of opportunities and doors opening for you. The best move is to review everything coming your way determine if it sounds fun in the moment or if it’s actually a good fit for you. Otherwise, you will become overwhelmed with the amount of offers coming your way. While you should be serious in considering your options, there’s no need to make any long-term commitments at this time. Especially since this year will bring a lot of growth and change for you. What you like at the beginning of the year may not suit you well by the end of it.


Do we like change? Sometimes! Sometimes not so much. But you’ll have to prepare for it just the same. This year will bring you lots of new things across the board. Think friends, jobs, partners, living situations, goals, ideas, skills, etc. Be prepared for just about anything!

The one great thing about change is that it can propel us to where we need to go. But it also requires us to release old and comfortable ways of doing things in order to move forward in our true power. This year’s lessons have been put in place specifically to push you out of your comfort zone. Now is the time to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Whatever happens, don’t let the mixed range of emotions take you off track. Instead, use them to fuel your skills and forward progress. Everything that’s changing this year is for your best and highest good. The more you embrace it, the easier things will flow.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” (Wayne W. Dyer)

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