The Year of the Four and How it Works – 2020

Year of the Four

Control & Focus

It’s a new decade and a whole new vibe! As we ring in the Year of the Four we can expect some fun and fresh new energy. So what’s the difference between where we were and where we are going? Last year’s energy was more focused on releasing the ties that bind as well as creating space for new things to come in. Where as 2020 will be full of forward movement and creating foundations for the future.

Four cycles are typically full of focus and control energies. This is often expressed in the areas of business, finances and enterprise. Prepare to work more than you rest in 2020! Expect to find yourself winning rewards, gaining prestige and achieving goals you’ve set for yourself within your given field.

How It Works

The four energy makes it happen for you by giving you the strength to go after your dreams and be confident that you can make them a reality. The obstacles that get in your way this year will be tough, but with four energy in your corner they are easy to navigate. Problems are easily solved or maneuvered around. You will also find yourself with the motivation to rise to the challenge instead of backing away from it or not wanting to deal.

Because this will be a busy year for you, and one that is very centered on work, you will want to make sure you stay on top of your self-care. In order to achieve your goals you need to be running on all cylinders. And this is something we easily forget or slack off on. Especially when we are exhausted or worn out from our jobs. Don’t forget to make time for yourself in whatever way you can.

Areas of Caution

With a career driven lifestyle in the Year of the Four, you can expect to take some flack in your interpersonal relationships. Whether this means your friends are irritated with you because you cancel plans or can’t make it to all the same social functions as before. Or if you’re dealing with significant others who want more time and attention. Across the board you’re going to be feeling some push back. Your best course of action is to explain that your behavior isn’t personal. But that you are dedicated to your goals and dreams this year. And that you appreciate everyone’s support and understanding.

Wherever your path leads you in 2020, I hope it gets you closer to your hopes and dreams. That it opens doors and creates opportunities that weren’t possible before. That you rise to new levels of awesomeness and success. May this year be your best one yet!

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