2 of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles

Upright Meaning

  • Balancing two situations
  • Harmony
  • Lighthearted
  • Cheerful

Reversed Meaning

  • Inability to handle two situations
  • Pretending to have a good time when you’re not

I create balance.

Two of Pentacles Overview

The Two of Pentacles shows a boy who is able to simultaneously juggle two rather large coins in his hands. This is representative of someone who can balance two situations or emotions at once. He is able to flow freely between the two. Should the Two of Pentacles appear reversed, there is difficulty handling more than once situation at a time. It also indicates a person who is pretending to have a good time when they are not.

Questions for You to Meditate On

How can I find ways to move effortlessly between two situations. 

Am I able to balance my emotions?

Why am I not having a good time?