Why Grounding isn’t Working for You & How to Fix it


Finding Neutral

As we sit snuggly in the fall season, many of us are diving deeper into our spiritual practice. In light of this energy, I thought grounding techniques might be a good subject to touch on. Grounding is something that people talk about all the time but don’t necessarily understand when it comes to applying it in a tangible way. This is exactly why so many people experience issues in this area! And why many standard grounding recommendations don’t give you that deep-rooted and secure feeling you were hoping for.

I’ve got a couple of things that I think will work well for you at whatever skill level you find yourself at. The most important thing about grounding is that you really need to have a good connection with yourself before that can happen. This is where I think many people fail in their attempts to center themselves. I continue to come across more and more that people are disconnected from their energy, their body and what they really need in order to feel supported. So, the question becomes: If you’re not even connected to yourself, how can you be connected or grounded to anything else?

Connecting with the Earth

The first stop on our grounding journey today will be rooting yourself in the earth. The Earth’s energy is always neutral. That means whatever negativity you’re feeling or anxiety that’s coursing through your body will be reset as soon as you tap into this system of energy. Our bodies find it quite soothing and it’s the best way to tap into your physical form in a quantifiable way.

There are a wide variety of ways you can connect. It just depends what you like or what resources are available to you. Some people like standing barefoot on the grass. Others like to lay down on the ground to bring them back to center. Then there are those super hippy people (like me!) that connect best by focusing on a particular part of the land like an animal, tree, or rock. The purpose of connecting with the Earth is to really neutralize any discombobulated energy that stuck inside of you. You don’t even have to understand the process in order for it to work which I think is really great! Especially since grounding is an area where new practioners tend to get hung up.

If you are intuitive or psychic you can easily tap into the earth to receive messages or guidance about what you should be focusing on. You can also connect with your body to see what it needs. If you don’t have these abilities yet, there are still options available to you. Start by closing your eyes and quieting your mind. Take a deep breath and fill your lungs with air. As you continue to take slow measured breaths, check in with your body to see how it’s doing. You can begin by drawing your attention to any injuries or body parts that are troubling you. Or focus on an emotion you have been feeling recently.

Taking the time to touch on a specific place internally is going to strengthen your connection to it. See if any images or colors come to mind. What feelings do you have about a particular body part? Notice if you hear any words or music. Your body is always trying to communicate with you. It’s our mind that ignores the messages and focuses on everything but ourselves. If we do this for too long, our body activates injuries or illnesses to force us to slow down. It’s this continual lack of attention that allows us to become disconnected from ourselves.

Root Energy Center

Another place you can fortify your personal grounding is by checking in with your root energy center. It connects with the Earth and represents the basic needs and emotional support we require to not only survive but thrive. If you notice yourself feeling weak, unconfident, driven by your ego, feeling abandoned, stockpiling items or an overabundance of sexual energy – then your root chakra may be out of alignment.

You can resolve this issue several different ways. The first is through color healing. This means wearing and eating red foods as well as surrounding yourself with this color. If you are someone who meditates, tap into this energy center and see what it is showing you through any of your intuitive or psychic abilities. Oftentimes when our first energy center isn’t functioning at its highest capacity you will notice a color distortion in addition to damage or toxic energy.  If this is the case you want to clear out the negativity you find. You can also have a conversation with your energy center about what it needs. Then make an effort to be more consciously aware of how you’re supporting this area on a daily basis. All of these things can have a positive impact on your ability to ground.

Cord cutting

Being aware of who we allow to have access to our personal energy is extremely important. Most people don’t realize the value of having good spiritual hygiene. At least not until serious problems emerge. We all pick up energy cords from people we interact with. Some chords are positive and others can be more harmful in nature. A cord (or attachment) allows energy to go back and forth between the two individuals it’s connected to. If you have developed chords with emotionally unbalanced individuals, people who are upset with you or anyone that doesn’t have your best interests at heart – this is now a direct line allowing them access to your energy and personal space.

You can recognize an unhealthy cord attachment in a variety of ways. One thing you may notice is that you’re thinking about a particular person way more than usual. Especially if this is someone you are trying to move away from energetically. Another sign is experiencing emotions that don’t feel like your own. Or having reactions seem out of character for you or the situation you’re in. You may also feel unusually drawn to that person in terms of wanting to reach out or spend time. Even though you rationally know this person not someone you want to have in your life. Other times you might not get a specific or clear-cut sign that there is an attachment. You may just notice that you are suddenly sick or not feeling well for long stretches of time for no reason.


The last part I notice people missing from their grounding practice is a solid and trusting connection with themselves. We are in an age where we are exposed to a large amount of technology on a daily basis. Many of us live in concrete jungles with a lot of external noise and distractions. And we exist in a detrimental culture of hustle and burnout. With all these intrusions we spend most of our time focusing on what’s around us instead of what’s going on within us.

Another issue that manifests within this disconnect is a lack of appreciation for our body all of the amazing things that it does for us. Especially in this unhealthy “go” culture we are living in. The reality is that most of us are not very kind to ourselves. Whether we are aware of this treatment or not. We push through tiredness, hunger, sickness and injuries. Some of us go so far as to neglect own personal self-care in favor of focusing on things that other people need. Our level of self-importance has dropped, causing us to be more disconnected from ourselves and what we actually need.

With this intense level of disconnection comes an inability to ground yourself effectively. If you feel numb or out of touch this is a huge red flag that it’s time to make some changes. It’s so important to understand the signs and signals your body and Spirit is giving you on a daily basis. Our body is desperately trying to be friends with us. And too many people are saying “no thank you, I’m busy, or not right now.” This indifference is not only creating more separation, but it’s bringing us out of alignment as well. Learn to make time for yourself and treat your body with a reverence and compassion. Simply because you deserve it.

I hope this article gives you a different perspective on grounding and how to correct some of the issues you’re experiencing. Remember that grounding is hard for a lot of people. So don’t get discouraged if it’s not working for you. Instead be curious about why, and learn to dig deeper until you find a method that helps you feel centered.

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