Winter Solstice Celebrations – The Beginning of Winter

Winter Solstice Celebrations

Out of the Darkness and into the Light

Many people across the globe participate in Yule or Winter Solstice celebrations. Personally I much prefer it to any other holidays during the season. It’s typically celebrated around December 21st each year, but you can double check your calendar for the exact date. The Winter Solstice is important because it marks the first day of winter as well as being the longest night and shortest day of the year.  From this point on the hours of daylight will slowly increase as we move through the colder months  and work our way towards spring.

This holiday is seen as a time for gentle reflection. It’s an opportunity to set goals and ask for things that you want from Spirit. The Winter Solstice itself encourages us to look inward and make any necessary changes. Whether this is letting go of the past, embracing new attitudes or embarking on a journey of personal growth.

If you’re in the mood to celebrate a holiday that’s basically the original Christmas, check out some fun and easy ideas for everyone:

Spend Time with Friends & Family

Now is the perfect time to celebrate the people you love that keep you moving through life. Show your appreciation and gratitude by hosting a small get together, cooking a meal, or gifting a small token to show thanks for their presence.


Meditate and focus on what you want for the year, release anything that no longer serves you. If you want to have a more theme based session, start your mediation in total darkness to symbolize the longest night or the year as well as the darkness of winter. Close your session by lighting candles to welcome and celebrate the birth of the Sun and the increasing hours of light.


Write a list of goals or intention for the year. If you can’t think of any, create a bucket list for yourself instead. Write everything down, whether it seems doable or not!

Yule logs

Yule logs are a great way to celebrate the season. Decorate yours and add in anything you would like to wish for in the upcoming year. This can be done on small pieces of paper that are tucked into the log in any area. Burn it on the Winter Solstice to celebrate and release your requests into the universe!


Put up a tree, hang some mistletoe or wrap some presents. Many of the customs we associate with Christmas are actually Pagan in origin. So they are all Winter Solstice approved! Some other festive decorations can include holiday wreaths, candles, holly and garland.

Whatever Winter Solstice Celebrations you choose this year, I wish you peace, joy, happiness and prosperity this season.

Happy Solstice & Merry Yule!