10 Powerful Ways to Work with the Earth Element in Your Spiritual Practice


The Transformative Power of Earth

The earth element something most of us are instinctively drawn to. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it’s typically the element that’s most easily accessible. It’s under our feet every day and most of us can easily find a small patch of grass, dirt or stone to sit on. In addition, the earth creates so much beauty in flowers, trees, animals and geological structures that it’s hard not to feel peaceful or inspired by it.

Our Physical World

An interesting fact about the Earth is that it’s healing for our bodies on a physical, mental and emotional level. There are scientific studies that quantify and support this theory. Spending time in nature can help reduce stress by lowering our cortisol levels as well as our heart rate. It can improve cognitive function and restore mental fatigue. Being in nature even has the ability to help regulate our circadian rhythm and enhance the body’s melatonin production, which in turn, promotes better sleep. Spending time in green spaces can reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and various mental illnesses. And last but not least, it can facilitate healing and recovery processes by shortening recovery times, people needing fewer pain medications, and having reduced complications following surgery.

The earth is also unique because it has its own vibrational frequency. This frequency, known as the Schumann Resonance, resonates at approximately 7.83 Hz, mirroring the natural rhythm of our brainwaves. Regular exposure to this frequency through practices like grounding can lead to physical healing, reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and boosting immune response. It allows us to foster a stronger connection with nature, unlocking our spiritual potential and instilling a sense of harmony with the world around us.

On a Spiritual Plane

On a spiritual level the Earth element symbolizes the qualities of grounding, strength, and stability. Beyond that it displays the characteristics of nurturing and nourishment. Just as the Earth provides sustenance to all living beings, embodying the Earth element enables us to nurture ourselves and others. It represents stability, not just in a physical sense, but also in terms of emotional and mental grounding. It encourages us to be grounded in our relationships, emotions, and thoughts. Which fosters a sense of security and stability within ourselves. Additionally, this element promotes fertility and growth, representing the ability to manifest our ideas and desires into reality. It encourages patience, perseverance, and determination that provides a foundation to materialize our goals and dreams. The Earth element also embodies the qualities of abundance and generosity, teaching us to be open-hearted and share our resources with others.

Incorporating the Earth element in rituals, spells, or shadow work can add the beneficial qualities of grounding, stability, nourishment, abundance, patience, endurance, and a connection to nature. It brings a sense of solidity, practicality, and a deep connection to the physical realm. Which allows for a well-rounded and rooted spiritual experience. If you’re interested in trying this out or simply forming the more intimate connection with Earth element, check out these suggestions below and see what feels right to you.

Working with Earth

Tree Hugging

Tree hugging is one of my favorite things to do! This practice involves physically embracing a tree and feeling its energy. Trees are believed to have healing and grounding properties, and by hugging a tree, you can connect with its energy and in turn, the natural energy of the earth. You can incorporate tree hugging into your practice by spending time in nature, finding a tree that speaks to you, and using it as a source of comfort and grounding.

Plant Magick

Plant magick involves working with plants and their energies to enhance your connection to the Earth element. You can use plants in spells, tinctures, and rituals to promote healing, love, protection, and abundance. Each plant has its own unique energy, properties and personality. Working them connects you to the Earth element on a level and enhances your connection to nature. You can also use plants to create a sacred space, by incorporating ones that have spiritual significance to you and placing them on your altar or around your home. Some people even like to carry a little bit around in their pocket or a satchel to connect to the spirit of the plant for healing or support.


Gardening connects you with the Earth in a practical and physical way, while also promoting a sense of grounding. By working with the Earth and its natural cycles, you can cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of this element. Gardening can also be a form of meditation, helping you to connect to this element to find peace and stillness within yourself. You can also use this as a way to incorporate plant magick into your practice, by growing herbs and plants that have spiritual significance and using them in spells and rituals.

Stone Circles

Stone circles are ancient monuments that can be used to work with the element of earth. By walking around the circle or meditating within it, you can tap into the energy of the stones and the natural landscape. Stone circles are believed to be powerful symbols of unity and balance, and can promote spiritual growth and awareness. You can also incorporate stone circles into your practice by placing stones on your altar, using them in divination, or carrying them with you for protection and grounding.

Knot Magick

Knot magick is a practice that involves tying knots in cords or strings to symbolize intentions, wishes, or spells. It’s a great way to harness the Earth’s creative and transformative power. The cords or strings used in knot magick are symbols of the natural cycles of life. While the knots represent the energies we wish to manifest. You can incorporate knot magick into your practice by creating your own knotted cords. Or by using pre-made cords and tying knots that represent your intentions and desires.

Power Animals

Power animals bring guidance and protection to those who work with them. They are associated with the earth element and can help you tap into the natural wisdom and power of their individual characteristics. Incorporate power animals into your practice by meditating on them, researching the one you resonate with or even create art or imagery that represents them. You can even work with them in divination practices to get a better understanding of why they are here and what they are supposed to help you with. Or embody the characteristics they naturally display.

Tea Leaf Reading

Tea leaf reading, also known as tasseography, is a divination practice that involves reading the patterns created by tea leaves in a cup or saucer. Because tea is harvested from the ground, this technique is one way to tap into the wisdom and energy of the earth. By reading the patterns created by the tea leaves, you can gain insight into your past, present, and future. The process itself is fairly simple. Begin by brewing your own tea. Then choose a cup or saucer with special significance. And practicing by looking for and interpreting the patterns and symbols you see in the leaves.


Earthing involves walking barefoot on the earth or lying on the ground to absorb the natural energy of the earth. This energy has healing and grounding properties which help to balance the body and mind. You can incorporate earthing into your practice by spending time outside, walking on grass or dirt, or sitting on a mossy rock or fallen tree. Just spend at least 20 minutes connecting your body directly to the earth in whatever way feels best to you. It’s natural frequency will do the rest!


Crystals are believed to have unique energy vibrations that can be used in healing, spells and rituals to enhance whatever work you’re doing. They can be placed on your altar or carried with you. And each crystal has its own specific properties and uses. Many people will wear them as jewelry for protection or to amplify a specific type of energy that they need for the day. Crystals are often used in energy healing sessions to absorb or shift the energy in someone’s body. They can be placed in plants to help them grow or around your home as protection from negative energies. Each stone has it’s own unique voice and properties, making them a good resource for a variety of different tasks.

Herbal Remedies

Plants and herbs have been used for centuries to heal and promote well-being. By incorporating herbs into your practice, you connect with the the healing energy the earth provides. Some easy ways to use herbs for wellness are by creating teas, tinctures, or herbal baths to aid in healing physical and emotional ailments. They can also be used for fun things like homemade beauty products and bath salts. And they can be a great addition to meals or sweet treats like brownies, cookies or cakes. If you’re looking to use them on the more witchy side, they can be used to anoint candles or other tools and enhance the effectiveness of spells and rituals.